Winery     Rockford

Rockford wines are of high quality and are traditional, made from some of the best old Barossa vineyards produced by winemaker Chris Ringland. They are some of the most individual, spectacularly flavoured wines made in the Barossa today with an emphasis on old, low-yielding dry-land vineyards.

Rockfords experienced staff produce many amazing reds and whites each with their own unique characterisitcs ranging from their Basket Press, Moppa Springs, Rod & Spur, Dry Country and Rifle Range labels. Their low yielding vines produce some of the finest Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon Grenache and Riesling varieties.

Buy Rockford Wine online including Dry Country, Rifle Range and Basket Press. Search above to find prices for your favourite wine in the Barossa Valley, South Australia.

Address     Krondorf Road, Tanunda, South Australia, 5352
Region     Tanunda, Barossa Valley, South Australia
Wine Makers     Chris Ringland
Brands & Labels     Basket Press
Moppa Springs
Rod & Spur
Dry Country
Rifle Range
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